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The Absolute Best Gifts For Drummers

Are you stuck for gift ideas for the drummer in your life? Don’t worry, we’ve done the research and put together a list of some of the top rated and best gifts for drummers. Choose from a selection of essentials that will make any drummer’s life easier, maybe a novelty gift for a bit of a laugh or help along an aspiring drummer’s playing with one of the items perfect for beginners.


There are some things that any drummer could do with to make their drumming lives easier. This is a great opportunity to surprise them with a gift which will solve any number of problems.

Zildjian Drummer’s Survival Kit

Perfect for the gigging drummer, this survival kit contains a selection of vital components which will come in handy in some tight situations. The kit includes a drumhead repair patch, snare strings, felts, cymbal stand sleeves and washers.


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Moongel Damper Pads

gifts for drummers - moongel pads

Sometimes the sound of a drum can get out of control. Moongel damper pads are the perfect solution for controlling the resonance of a drum, cymbal, or any surface you place them on. They’re self adhesive and will stick firmly in place. Control the sound of your instrument with precision by simply positioning the damper pads in different locations, and adding the required number. They’re non-toxic, washable, and they come in a sturdy container. Well known in recording studios and throughout the drumming world, Moongel is a sure winner for the drummer in your life.


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Drum Kit Dust Cover

gifts for drummers - dust cover

Dust has a  habit going everywhere, and drums are no exception. Soon enough the drummer’s kit will be coated and will have to be  pulled apart and cleaned more often. Help them to avoid the hassle by keeping the dust at bay with a drum kit dust cover. The cover is durable, waterproof, and has weighted corners to hold it in place.


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Drum Dial Precision Drum Tuner

gifts for drummers - drum dial tuner

Tuning drums is almost an art form. Even when you have a good idea of how to tune drums, it can be hard to keep the tension even to produce a consistent sound. This portable drum tuner takes all the guesswork out of tuning so you can achieve consistent results for a great sound while spending much less time on the task. Make sure they have a good drum tuning key.


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Jim Dunlop Cymbal and Drum Care Kit

gifts for drummers - dunlop cleaner

For drummers who take pride in their kit’s appearance, this drum care kit will let them have their pride and joy looking showroom new, while keeping everything well protected. It includes drum shell polish and cleaner, cymbal intensive care, cymbal cleaner, a drum cleaning mitt, and care instructions from a trusted brand.


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gifts for drummers - drumsticks

No drummer can have too many drumsticks! Whether it’s their go-to drumsticks of choice, or something a little different, this is one item which will be put to good use. If you’re not sure which ones they prefer, go for the trusty 5A wood tipped variety, they’re a great all purpose drumstick.


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Meinl Drum rug

gifts for drummers - meinl drum rug

It may not sound very exciting, but a drum rug saves a lot of frustration with a creeping bass drum and it doubles to protect the floor beneath the player from being damaged. Available in a range of designs and comes with a handy carry bag.


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Dixon Bass Drum Anchor

gifts for drummers - bass drum anchor

Bass drums have a habit of creeping away from the drummer as they play. Funny that, seeing as they’re literally kicking it away! If they have a drum mat, or are playing on carpet, then one of these kick drum anchors will hold the bass drum firmly in place. Not pretty, but very effective.


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Promark Transport Deluxe Stick Bag

gifts for drummers - stick bag

Whether a drummer is practicing at home or gigging, they need a storage solution for their tools. A good drumstick bag will hold their sticks, brushes, rods, and whatever other equipment they play with, tidy and at hand.


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This novelty items list could be very long, but I would have way too much fun in the research, and get nothing else done, so here’s my top three recommendations.

Drummer’s Coffee Mug

gifts for drummers - coffee mug

Does this need any explanation? Cheeky drumming related designs on a mug. Great for a laugh for the tea or coffee drinking player.


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Zildjian Cymbal Clock

gifts for drummers - zildjian clock

My absolute favourite item on this list! Help any drummer keep time (ha ha) with this stunning cymbal clock, made from a real 13″ Zildjian Cymbal which will look great in any room.


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The Tie Studio Drum Print Socks

gifts for drummers - drum socks

Who doesn’t need another pair of socks? A cheap and practical gift for any drummer.


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There are an abundance of resources for the beginning drummer. Help them to make progress and keep their motivation with some of these gift ideas.

Tommy Igoe’s Groove Essentials Pack

gifts for drummers - groove essentials

Learning to play the drums in different styles can be a huge challenge. It’s hard to know where to begin, at least until you get hold of Tommy Igoe’s Groove Essentials, that is! Tommy introduces you to a huge range of styles from around the world and breaks everything down in detail in his video lessons. You can then play along with the online tracks using the books or posters to truly get a feel for each groove. This amazing package is essential for any drummer, beginners or experienced. Included are two books, two posters, and access to online play-along tracks and instructional videos.


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KORG Combo Tuner Metronome

gifts for drummers - korg metronome

Keeping time is an absolutely essential skill for all drummers. A metronome is a vital companion for any beginner drummer, but never more so than when they’re first starting out. This Korg metronome doubles as a tuner which you can lend to your guitar playing friends.


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DW 5000 Series Drum Pedal

gifts for drummers - bass drum pedal

A lot of beginner drum kits come with basic hardware, which is functional, but doesn’t necessarily play like more professional equipment. A good bass drum pedal will last a drummer for many years and help them to develop great feel and technique on the drum kit. This is the top recommendation from my article on the top 5 picks for the best bass drum pedal.


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I hope these ideas help you to find a great gift for the drummer in your life. Let me know what you chose, or if you have any suggestions, by leaving me a comment below, I’d love to hear from you.

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