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Online Drum Kit – The Boss Isn’t Looking!

Are you having a slow day at work? The boss isn’t looking? Put on some headphones and jam out with an online drum kit. Maybe you’ve never picked up a pair of drumsticks before and just want to create some crazy noise. Whatever the reason, you can have a lot of fun with an online kit. Or go a bit further and program your own beats with an online drum machine.

Virtual Drumming Custom Drums

online drum kit virtualdrumming

This site offers a bit of fun if you have a spare five minutes. On a smartphone or a touchscreen you can play by using your fingers. This is fine to make a bit of noise, but pretty rubbish if you want to try to play a beat. It’s best to use this site on a computer with a keyboard and then you can get a better result.

I tried a few other online drum kits like this and I’ll be honest with you, most of them are loaded with ads or so completely unusable that the experience is ruined. Don’t lose all hope and go back to work just yet, though!

I recommend trying an online drum machine. there’s more fun and a much better experience to be had with a drum machine than a virtual kit. They’re pretty simple to use once you get the hang of it and there’s heaps of free ones online. One site even has a 3D drummer, who will play along to your grooves, read on to see which one!

Online Drum machines

Once you’ve had enough of playing about with virtual drum sets, why not test out your creativity with an online drum sequencer? You can create any groove you want. Maybe an idea that’s been floating about in your head, a fill from your favourite song, or something you could only dream of playing!

What’s more is that if you’re in a band you can send these to your bandmates to play along with when you can’t be there. They could even send you something they’ve dreamed up to see if you can replicate it.

OneMotion Drum Machine

As soon as you land on this site there’s a really nice pre-set drumbeat ready to go. Hit the play button and get some inspiration for your own grooves.

There’s 18 kits to choose between and you can change the sound by selecting one of the room effects. You can even program in specialty sounds like a buzz roll on the snare. This function doesn’t seem to work on a smartphone, but everything else works fine.

My favourite thing about this drum machine is the 3D drummer. Once you’ve programmed in your groove, click on the 3D button and see your creation come to life. How much can you challenge this guy?

online drum kit onemotion

Drumbit Online Drum Machine

The drumbit web app is a professional looking online drum machine with some cool features. You get 20 preset drum kits and some handy tools, for example, filter, panning and pitch controls. You can also change the sounds by customising the room sound with 7 different options. You can save your creations to use later or share with your friends. This web app works well on a smartphone.

online drum kit drumbit

These are just a couple of the free drum machines which are available online. If you’d like to see more, check out this great post from which lists quite a handful of drum machine web apps you can try out.

Did you have better luck finding a virtual drum kit than I did? Please do leave a comment below, I would love to hear from you.

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