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Beginning players shouldn’t have to compromise on quality and playability. The entry-level Alesis Turbo Mesh kit aims to deliver a quality experience at an affordable price. You’ll get a realistic response and rebound from its exclusive mesh heads. The kit has plenty of built in play-along tracks and an easy to use drum module. Read on for the Alesis Turbo Mesh kit review – is this kit a good choice for entry level players?


Most entry level electronic drum kits offer only rubber pads. These pads often have a very different feel to a mesh head. Straight away the Turbo Mesh stands out at this price point by offering responsive mesh heads. They give stick rebound similar to an acoustic drum head which means you will be able to transition to a full sized kit with ease.

There is a drum kit to suit whatever style you choose to play. Simply switch between one of the 10 kits built into the module, ranging from Rock, to Jazz, to Electronic kit sounds. All of the kits are unique to the Turbo Mesh.

The USB MIDI interface lets you easily connect to third party software on your PC and customise the output if you’re looking for more options.

Standard bass drum pedals, even on an electronic pad send vibrations through the floor, which can be a problem for some of us. But thanks to the Turbo Mesh’s beater-less kick pedal and quiet mesh heads, you can play confidently any time of day or night, knowing that you won’t be disturbing those around you.

The drum module has an impressive range of built-in educational features. These are invaluable and will guide you to becoming a better player in no time.

Here’s a video overview of the Alesis Turbo Mesh kit:


Snare pad

8” dual zone mesh snare

Tom pads

8” mesh high tom

8” mesh low tom

8” mesh floor tom

Cymbal pads

10” rubber hihat

10” rubber crash

10” rubber ride


Beater-less kick pedal

Hi hat pedal


Sturdy and compact steel rack


alesis turbo mesh kit review - moduleCourtesy of Alesis


  • 120 drum and cymbal sounds
  • 10 pre-made drum kits
  • Programmable metronome
  • 30 inbuilt play-along songs
  • Drum coach function


  • 25-pin trigger input jack (for cable snake)
  • 1/8” TRS headphone output for silent playing
  • 1/4” TS main outputs (right and left/mono)
  • 1/8” TRS auxiliary input – play along with your own songs
  • USB port (MIDI)
  • Power jack

Set includes

  • Connection cables
  • Drum sticks
  • Drum key
  • Power supply


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Educational features

Beat Check

Evaluate the accuracy of your timing while playing along with the metronome

Gradual Up/Down

See how quickly you can play and maintain accurate time.

Rhythm Change Up

Can you maintain good time while changing rhythms?

Follow Me

Memorise drum rhythms by listening to drum patterns and then replicate them along with the metronome.

Drum Mute

Silence different drum sounds in a play-along song so you can practice different patterns and ideas.

Who is it for?

Drummers just starting out

The price is low for a kit with mesh heads, but the wide range of inbuilt educational features make sure that you get off to a flying start. The mesh heads offer a realistic drum-head feel which will come in handy if you progress to an acoustic set in the future.

Intermediate players

Alesis mainly targets beginners with the Turbo Mesh. But the kit has possibilities for Intermediate players as well. The built in high quality customisable sounds are unique to this kit, but you’re not limited by this if you customise the sounds through the USB MIDI port and third party software.

The construction of the steel frame and mounting components are sturdy which means you’ll be able to play without fear of damaging the kit. The only limitation for an intermediate player might be the bass drum pedal, if you need a more realistic kick-drum feel.

Anybody who needs to play quietly

The mesh heads again have an advantage in their low volume. When coupled with the beater-less kick pedal, it means you can still play in environments which demand low-volume, such as a flat or apartment.

alesis turbo mesh kit review - pedalsCourtesy of Alesis

Final thoughts

While the Turbo Mesh Kit is Alesis’ entry-level offering, it has a lot of good features for the price. You get responsive mesh heads, normally associated with a higher priced kit.

The drum module contains plenty of educational features for beginners and improving players and a huge number of play-along tracks will help you expand your knowledge of different musical styles.

The beater-less bass drum pedal makes for quiet practice but may not be suitable for more advanced players.

The set comes with drum sticks, and access to 40 free lessons from Melodics, which promises to make practicing fun, so you can get right into playing and having a good time.

Whether you’re just starting out, or an intermediate player looking for an affordable practice solution, the Alesis Turbo Mesh Kit is a good choice.

Are you an aspiring player? What are your thoughts on this Alesis Turbo Mesh kit review? Please do leave me a comment below, I would love to hear from you.

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Alesis Turbo Mesh Kit




Educational features





  • Extensive educational features
  • Excellent price for a mesh kit
  • Compact footprint
  • Quiet heads and pedals mean you can play any time


  • Beater-less bass drum pedal doesn’t provide a realistic bass drum feel
  • Kit is not expandable in any way

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  1. Very good! Considering the price of this kit you really get a lot for your buck. Just the fact that it’s mesh heads will make it more enjoyable to play than other kits in the same price range. One favorite thing is the option to use really great sounding 3rd party plugins like Addictive Drums 2 or GetGood Drums. Though, I’m not a pro drummer, I really spend a lot of time programming drums, so I love that you can connect it to your interface and record with a human feel. Thanks for sharing your knowledge!


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