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Hi everyone and welcome to my Quiet Drummer site. I’ve had a keen interest in drumming ever since my first rhythmic experience, way back in primary school.

The music teacher challenged my friend and I to keep a basic 4/4 beat by slapping our legs. Neither of us having played before, this was probably quite a funny sight. After a couple of minutes, feeling like an eternity, I somehow managed to out ‘drum’ my exasperated friend. I walked behind the drum set with a huge grin on my face. Over the next few weeks I learned the drum part to the piece we were to perform. I got to play in front of the school assembly – what an experience!

Jumping forward a few years now – I got my very own drum set. I began making all the noise my little arms and legs would put out. I was lucky enough to grow up in a rural environment, where only my family and some sheep could hear all the noise. My parents promised not to mind, but I think they were just very patient…

I eventually got a better set, had some hours of practice under my belt, and everything was good. Until I moved out to live with my friends in the city. I went from being able to make all the noise in the world to having an environment totally unsuited to an acoustic drum set.

Why I want to Help You

Drumming is such a rewarding pursuit, I would recommend it to anybody. It’s great for peace of mind, exercise, personal development, having great fun with friends, the list goes on. I want anybody who is a drummer at heart to have the opportunity to express themselves. In one way or another, no matter what their living arrangements.

The Goal of This Site

The aim of this site is to put together in one place some of the many options available for practicing and playing quietly. Are you just starting out? Do you have some experience under your belt as a drummer? In any case I aim to have something here for you.

Please take a look around the site. If you have anything to share about the subject of quiet drumming, leave a comment below. I would love to hear from you.

All the best,

Founder of Quiet Drummer

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